Cover Reveal for “Mad Money & Murder”

The day has finally arrived! Please check out the cover of my debut mystery novel, Mad Money & Murder.

As a reminder of what my book is about, here’s a copy of the blurb from the back of the book:

Liz Pond is a private investigator with her own agency in historic San Antonio, Texas. Her specialty is proving that con artists are frauds, and Liz knows just how to spot a fake…by using her own secret psychic abilities.

However, after the failed rescue of a kidnapped woman, Liz has lost all faith in herself as a PI. She’s also lost her psychic abilities and doesn’t know if she’ll ever get them back.

While walking along the San Antonio River Walk during its annual draining, Liz finds a body weighted down at the bottom of the drained river. The victim’s roommate hires Liz to find the killer. Liz agrees to take this one last case because she can’t stand the idea of seeing a murderer escape justice. A romance with a local police detective is bubbling just below the surface, plus a reluctant friendship with an investigative reporter she’s afraid will discover her secret, will this end up being her last case? Or will Liz regain her abilities – as well as her confidence?

Mad Money & Murder: A Pond Investigations Mystery will be available for purchase on Amazon in February 2024 in Kindle and Paperback. I also plan to release it in audiobook format, however, I have no idea how long that part of the process will take. I’ll keep you posted.

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