Wow! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I jumped on here to fill you in on my progress! Following my course directions, I let my first draft sit for a whole month which left me trying to find anything to do to keep me from grabbing my manuscript too soon. It’s been a productive month. I crocheted a doily, knit a hat and cowl set, crocheted a couple of potholders, and cross-stitched a Halloween-themed sampler. And that was just my crafts.

I also decided to put some time into the second book of my San Antonio Psychic Detective Series which was loads of fun. I worked on my course and I now have an outline ready and waiting for me for book 2. It was fun to see a new mystery develop. To see how my characters have gotten closer together and watch an unsuspecting love triangle emerge which I’m going to lay the groundwork for in book 1 as I edit!

But for now, I’m back working on book 1. The editing phase. I look forward to polishing my first draft.

Note: This post sat on my computer for a few days. I think I’m a little nervous about editing. Even though I know it’ll improve my story. Strange!

Wish me luck!


    • Hi Melody!
      Sorry for the delayed response! I’ve been a busy camper lately!

      Loads of crocheting and knitting helped keep my hands busy but also I decided to take the time to hammer out details for book 2 of my series. So while I am editing book 1, the outline for book 2 is ‘resting’. Yes, the characters do yell a bit, but I think they were happy that I was keeping them busy with the second book. Not to mention, a ‘love triangle’ popped up that I am working into book one during this editing phase.

      Happy New Year!

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