Pond Investigations Mysteries

Pond Investigations Mysteries

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Where to Buy

Here is the official list of places where you can buy “Mad Money & Murder”

Amazon – the Amazon site nearest you lists both the paperback and Kindle eBook versions. (English) It is also a part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

Barnes & Noble – online only, paperback only. If you are in their Premium Members program you can get 10% off when you order.

Buy it at any of 3 stores in Abilene, Texas. If you are lucky, you can find an author signed copy. The Gathering Place, Comics Collectibles, and Texas Star Trading Company,

Kindle Pre-Order: Mad Money & Murder

It’s official! The Kindle version of Mad Money & Murder is available for pre-order. ‎ Click: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CSKBT4VK to learn more.

I received the Author Proof copy of my paperback yesterday. What an exciting moment in the world of a writer. To see the words that you have sweated over, printed, and bound. I was literally almost speechless!

I even left leaflets advertising my book in a coffee shop and was immediately asked questions as two people grabbed a copy to read. One read the book blurb and responded with “Ooh, I love shows like this!” and another read it, asked me more questions, and followed up with “Bring some of these to our offices upstairs on the twentieth floor.” Between those comments and an email from my mother-in-law, “I just read the first three chapters of your book on my lunch break. WOW!!” It’s been a pretty positive week.


Cover for Mad Money & Murder. Black and orange/red. With black & white photo under a bridge.

January 2024 News

The self-publishing process has been keeping us busy lately. My husband has been busy laying out the book for both Kindle and paperback formats and creating the cover. I’ll be forever grateful to him for taking on that project. When I expressed my dismay at not being able to help him with those tasks, his response was simply, “Well, you wrote the book.” Not much can be said to counter that logic.

Today I took on the task of assigning ISBNs to each format, working on my press release, and adding content to my website. Here’s a statement I never thought I’d say: I’m actually looking forward to editing book two in the wee early morning hours tomorrow.

We are so close to uploading my book to my Amazon KDP account! I still can’t believe that soon I may have an Author Copy in my hot little hands. I’ll probably be a blubbering mess seeing it in physical form.

Have a great day!


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