Chapter by Chapter…

I’m getting there, slowly but surely. The mantra of ‘take it one chapter at a time’ repeats in my head as I work. Oddly, writing my book longhand was easier for me than typing directly into my computer; I’ve found that the opposite is true for editing. Strange. I wonder why?

I’m still working my way through my first draft. It’s intriguing to watch the story become stronger, clearer.

While I edit, I’m making use of a suggestion from my husband: I’m dropping seeds that lead into the next book. In this first book, I’m referencing a fundraiser my protagonist will be a part of during book 2. It’s so exciting to know, without a doubt, that I will write a second book – and a third, and a fourth… I am a writer!

Have a fantastic day!


Week of February 21, 2021

I hope everyone reading this has finally thawed out and has full access to heat, electricity, and safe drinking water. BRRR! That was a cold week!

Now that my favorite pen, which is metal, no longer needs an hour to warm up before I touch it, I’m back to work on my first mystery novel. Would you like to read my elevator pitch? Here it is:

San Antonio Psychic Detective Mysteries

Elizabeth Susan Pond loves her beautiful, historic city of San Antonio, Texas where she works as a private investigator with a secret. Liz was born with Extra Sensory Perception and uses it as a tool to solve her cases, but she refuses to tell her clients or advertise herself as a psychic detective because she doesn’t believe in psychics. Her favorite hobby: busting charlatans.

I’ve always enjoyed anything to do with the paranormal or mysteries whether it be a book, movie or television show, which makes this book extra enjoyable to write.

And the research. Love it! We’ve been to San Antonio many times and always leave looking forward to our next visit even as we drive out of the city. As I look through photos from our trips it is easy to see many places to base an intriguing mystery.


Jenni Stand

Jenni Stand lives in Texas and is finally working on achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Her reading and writing tastes span the genres from classic fairy tales, science fiction, romance, thrillers, and mysteries. Growing up, Jenni read any mystery she could get her hands on whether it was Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, or The Hardy Boys, she’s really looking forward to plotting her own mystery series. Jenni is currently using Ellie Alexander’s Author Academy to complete the first book of what she hopes will be a long-running mystery series.

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