Welcome Autumn!

It’s that time of year when everyone enjoys the cooler temperatures and changing of the colors of nature. Not in Texas, but you know, elsewhere. While the temperatures have dropped to below the triple digits, it’s still a little toasty. To inform the rest of the world: you can, without a doubt, tire of sunny, clear, blue skies. Trust me.

At our house, we’re preparing for our annual Halloween fun and festivities. This always means a Halloween party for our daughter and her friends. This year’s theme: Zombies! Decorating our front yard is time-consuming, but oh so worth it. Over the years, we have made tombstones and coffins (you read that right). This year we plan to intersperse the tombstones with ghost inflatables and a fresh addition: an inflatable hearse. There’s even a fog machine to add an extra little ambience. We’ve worked hard at it, but we’ve finally achieved my husband’s lifelong dream. We’ve become that house. The house that goes over-the-top with Halloween decorations and gives out full-sized candy bars.

On the writing front, I have completed the outline for book three of my Pond Investigations Mystery series. I still find that hard to believe. Book three! Now it’s time to let the outline rest. Tomorrow I pick up the first draft of book two and begin editing. I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to polishing book two into another fun mystery for my readers (and future readers) to enjoy.

Happy Fall, Y’all!


Top Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Foam tombstones with green lighting, inflatable ghosts, and coffins.
Halloween 2022 Photo © R. Standridge

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