The Countdown Begins!

I knew I was going to be excited about my book releasing, but getting a message from my cousin, Shelly, that she had ordered her paperback copy sent me over the moon with excitement! She ordered the first paperback from Amazon. Her mother, my Aunt Wendy, pre-ordered the first Kindle copy. What are the chances?

To hear that people I know are already buying my book is such a fantastic feeling. I’m going to stop here because otherwise I’ll just recreate the thesaurus entry for all words related to excitement: exhilaration, excitation, hullabaloo (that’s a good one),…

No more sleeps until…
You can order my debut mystery novel, “Mad Money & Murder” by Jenni Stand from Amazon. (Link goes to the US site, it’s available on any of the Amazon site in your region.)
Buy it AND download it on Kindle.
Buy it at any of 3 stores in Abilene, Texas. The Gathering Place, Comics Collectibles, and Texas Star Trading Company,
Buy it directly from me at Lubbock-Con 2024

Thank you!


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