PSI: What is it?

Week of February 28, 2021

In typical Texas fashion, we have been through spring, summer, and fall this week. Maybe the meme we read was right, the groundhog said six more weeks of winter and Texas decided to knock them out in six days.

Enough about the weather and back to writing.

One of the fun parts (to me) of writing is the research. I’ve started reading a book to assist me with the paranormal side of my protagonist.

“PSI: What is it?” by Louisa E. Rhine (1975)

I found this book at a local used book store and have been meaning to read it for years. I was only pages into the book when I realized the true gem I held in my hands. The author and her husband, J.B. Rhine, co-founded the first American laboratory for the study of extrasensory perception at Duke University in the 1930s. She wrote multiple books on the subject specifically with the layperson in mind. This book includes snippets of letters sent to the laboratory from people of all ages. Each example can be boiled down to the same basic question: was the scenario I just described ESP or just coincidence?

The character I am creating could easily have written one of these letters. Maybe she will one day…

Have a fantastic week!

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