I said, You said, She said.

It’s funny how with all my research and character development, I still have a niggling question in the back of my head. Which point of view do I want to use in my book? It is my plan to write a long-running series so it’s important to pick the right P.O.V. now.

My protagonist is a private investigator who happens to be a psychic. I like the idea of my readers experiencing the discovery of clues and flashes of psychic vision with my protagonist. However, I like the idea of my readers knowing what the other characters are thinking with all these psychic vibes flying around. Learning to live around a person with special abilities of this type would take some adjustments!

I’m working my way through a book called “Point of View: How to use the different P.O.V. types…” by Sandra Gerth (https://sandragerth.com/). An interesting and informative read, by the way. I am learning a lot while trying to make this decision. So far, I only know I don’t want to write in the second person. With each section I read, I think, “Ooh! That sounds good!” If it’s possible to make different points of view sound awesome, this author did it.

The idea that my readers will be able to experience everything with my protagonist sounds awesome. The visions, those moments of danger, discovering the next clue. Wonderful! But, I worry that I’ll short-change them with my other characters. They are so alive in my head that I don’t want to leave my supporting cast out in the cold.

The best solution I can think of to help me to decide will be simply to try writing in the various points of view and see what happens. Luckily, this is all a part of the writing process.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!


  1. Delia Kane, story teller

    It’s tough! All I knew was that I didn’t want a ‘blinder’ view which comes from first person. I want to be the entire pool of voices that love/hate/ confuse Malone so that the final reveal, everyones POV, pulls the whole thing together like the pull string in a gathered skirt!

  2. Hi Delia!
    Thanks again for the comment. Yes, that’s an excellent way to put it. I don’t want a ‘blinder’ to prevent in-depth access to my supporting characters either. Going to definitely try hard to make an omniscient POV work for me and my characters!

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